TGP Multi-Level was established in 2013 as a specialised multi-level construction business. Multi-Level, now known as TGP Building, specialises in the construction of medium/high-rise residential and commercial complexes, retail developments and industrial premises, healthcare and educational facilities, hotel and leisure as well as refurbishments and inner city developments.

This field of construction requires highly specialised skills for maintaining the required levels of organisational control needed to efficiently and effectively manage the construction process. For this reason we are obsessive about safety and quality in all facets of our business.

We use sophisticated site control procedures and systems to ensure quality and efficient construction of our projects as well as effective communication between site management and the professional team. The procedures include: pre-contract planning, a communication model, post-contract evaluation and close out procedures. Our site systems include: safety, quality, P & G control, short-term programming, drawing receipt and issuing, material and sub-contract management.

These procedures and systems ensure that the project is pro-actively managed from up front pre-contract planning. Ensuring that the correct information reaches the appropriate project in time every time. To ensure that the particular project is delivered safely in time to the correct quality and within budget to the mutual satisfaction of the stakeholders.

The refurbishment of older and often neglected buildings offers the opportunity for developers to capitalise on relatively low acquisition prices, and to re-purpose these buildings to their specific requirements.

Refurbishments range from inner city residential developments and revitalization to healthcare, retail, commercial offices and many more.

The company’s business approach is encapsulated in its positioning statement “Structural Synergy”.

The word “structural” articulates TGP’s ability to deliver products and services according to a tested methodology.

The word “synergy” reflects the company’s ethos of meeting challenges by working together as a united team.